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Speak&Talk ComputerToysVideoDrumsKeyboardsHomemade


"Sax-o-fun" playskool



1x feedback pot & switch

1x note long decay switch

1x mic cut button

3x pitch body contact

1x hard pitch

1x audio jack output

sax bentdd

Playboy's bent sax circuit bent








"Hot-dog" mini-bending sega-hasbro-mcdonald




1x pitch pot

1x battery 3 Volts plug

1x audio RCA cinch out







EatMyApple (dutch + French) V-tech


dutch random wallonia learning tool.


1x PiTCH Pot + switch ON/OFF

1x Glitch Random PushButton

1x reset button

Audio OUTput + switch On/OffClick here to listen

apples bent by playboy's bend






"blue sun" drums circle



4 drums


1x slow pitch

1x hard pitch

1x audio jack output








"Punk from Mars" mingaphone


very low-fi megaphone for undestood artists


1x feedback pot and switch

1x distorsion input level pot

1x on/off switch

1x audio jack input

1x audio jack output






"microck" mini-bending


Maybe the smallest guitar bent of the world...


1x body contact metal button

back :

1x Pitch bend

1x audio mini-jack output











3 animals in the drone


drone anf LFO animal synth


1x Pitch bend

1x push button change speed

1x audio jack output

Click here to Listen













Funny beat & melody disaster tool.


1x pitch bend

x2 mode LFO/random

1x decay pot

1x jack output











FlowerPower Distorsion Pedal


Mega distorsion little girl karaoké


1x Bitcrusher Pot

1x Super Digital disto Pot

1x extreme random saturation button

1x Low-fi Pot

1x HighPass filter pushbutton

2x switch FX Toggle added to original pedal button (Chorus, vibrato)

3x Body Contact use to combine filters (HP,LP,BP)

Click here to Listen

playboy's bend






Wagon Crisp NoisyToy

2 MODES to use with Pot:

animals drums and noise in a train


a) Classic Pitch

b) ExtremeNoisy Pitch

Audio output with switch On/Off

Click here to listen





















Vache à noms d'oiseau V-tech

Machine à impôlitesses sonores


1x PITCH Pot + switch On/Off pitch

4x Loop toggle button

4x melody follower (cow, pig, bird, farmer)

2 MODES for digital distorsion

2x Body Contacts

1x reset pushbutton

1x melody gate toggle button

Audio output mini-jack

Click here to listen 1 2








Playboy's Guitar


-"oh my love" //

- "hkjjkhjdsv kjsdqgjkfd "

- "love me tender " //

- "s^ùù* '_():)é="

- "don't stop it..." //


1x Randomizer Pot

1x switch to random

1x solar pitch/random theremin

+ toggle switch

1x volume Pot + Audio Output


Click here to listen



























Handshifter Chicco


Waiting for the train sound handtools


2x PitchShifter Body contact

1x vibrato pushbutton











Baby Deviator


Increaser of debility.


1x reset button

1x pitch cut pushbutton

1x PITCH pot










TotoZik v-tech


Drunk DriveStation .


1x PITCH control pot

1x Body contact

2x LFO modes switch buttons

Audio output + switch On/Off





















Gabba Machine Chicco


"Bang Bang Bang Bang Paf paf Paf paf

hardcore on the floooor.....

bang bang BANG BONG Bang BaNg "



GabberAnimals sequencer for kids


2 modes Pitch Control (LOw/high)

6x random switch toggle buttons

1x loop switch sequencer

4x Gabber switch toggle buttons

1x reset button

audio jack output + switch On/Off

Click here to listen



















Climatic circuit bending tester

Test the solarsystem with :

temperature, photosensitivity measures

If the sound distort too much, you have to

choose another planet to live.



1x PITCH Pot

1x disto pot

1x switch to tester

1x reset button

audio output + switch On/Off






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