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SkyTalker Yeno

2x glitch pushbuttons

1x glitch sensitivity Pot

Audio Out + switch audio On/off

Phosphorescent multicolered

transparent flextube



















Noisex Teacher V-tech


2x glitch toggle buttons

2x glitch pushbutton

Audio Jack output + switch sound On/Off

Click here to listen
























BitchBox Nathan

4x glitch toggle buttons

1x screen random Pixel fx

1x Dark Splitscreen Fx

Audio Output + switch On/Off audio























Speak&Spell&Math+Dictée Magique Collection Texas instrument

A lot of modifications added includes :

Each are MIDIfied to be controlled by PC

Pitch Bend

Solar theremin distorsion

Loop toggle random button

lot of classical glitch voice Fx

buzz synth Pot (Low/High frequency)

vibrato switch button


... and many more











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