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"On the road" bent synth

1x pitch glitcher

1x switch jack/woofer

1x jack output

1x freq reducer cursor




















Big Bob "the white"

3x glitch switchs and pots preset for the matrix

34x banana jack glitch matrix





















AE glitch synthesizer Casio

10x pushbuttons glitch & random effects

3x toggle buttons glitch holder

1x digi-distorsion Pot

1x decay-noise Pot

1x digit disto-delay Pot

Click here to listen 1 2














ElvisNotDead synthesizer Casio SA

1x aleatoric pushbuttons

1x sensitivity Pot

Click here to listen 1 2
















The BentModular Matrix1000 Casio

16x Banana Glitch Matrix

4x Banana for switch push&toggle button

4x toggle bent switches

1x External Joystick for 6 instant glitches.

Click here to listen















DaDaDaDiDiDi synth Casio

1x extreme pitch Pot

2x ring modulator toggle button

1x Body contact

1x audio output + swithc on/off button

1x stop pushbutton with bip for people applause


Click here to listen










RAPMAN bent Casio

1x random loop pushbutton

1x feedback fx Pot

1x fx on/off toggle button

1x switch on/off speaker

















My First bent...

1x Buzz pushbutton

1x PITCH Pot

1x Body contact













BONTEMPI 2Mè2 Bontempi

4x cinch blubby matrix

1x PITCH Pot

1x switch tempo on tempi










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